Your one-stop solution for going solar in Rhode island

We involve you in the solar process, so you’re knowledgeable about local incentives, feel confident in your purchase decision, and love the system we install for your home

Step 1: Extending your knowledge about buying solar in Rhode Island

Our Meet & Greet is a straightforward, no-pressure consultation where we uncomplicate any aspects of solar you may be stuck on. We answer your questions and explain why buying solar in Rhode Island is a smart investment. Our goal is to extend your knowledge and figure out if solar is the best decision for your home. A few key topics we’ll cover:

  • Explanation of state and federal incentive programs and how to take advantage of them
  • Breaking down how solar panels reduce or eliminate your electric bills month-to-month
  • Strategies to finance your solar panels, so you can secure a quick return on investment and start making a profit from the energy you produce (in addition to eliminating bills)
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Step 2: Custom-designing a solar panel system for your home

We have two main goals when designing a system for your home. First, maximizing your energy production to offset electric costs up to 100%. Second, accentuating the look of your home with a professional layout.

How it’s done: we determine your annual electric usage, help you choose the right solar panels, and then consider the physical aspects of the roof:

  • Orientation (which direction the panels face)
  • Pitch (or slope) of your roof
  • Shading or other obstructions
  • Available space for solar panels and equipment

Finally, we run that information through a 3-D modeling tool, so you’ll have a clear idea of what’s possible for your home.

Step 3: Installing your solar panels with our in-house technicians

The installations are quick, clean and done in a professional manner from start to finish. Our lead technician will walk you through the installation process. He’ll show you how the crew will lay out the system and answer any questions. We’ve installed solar in Rhode Island for three years with great success, but you don’t have to take our word for it—our customers love to share their experiences.

Step 4: Activating your system and monitoring for performance

Once your local municipality and utility give a green light, we connect your solar panels to the grid and flip the switch. Now you’ll generate clean energy, save on your electric bills, and insulate yourself from rising utility rates. Our ten-year workmanship guarantee offers 24/7 monitoring of your system. If we see an issue, we’ll contact you and send out a crew to fix it right away.

Find out what’s possible for your home by going solar

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