For your solar energy system, get it right, get it local!

Engineering and Design

Installing a properly designed solar energy system will maximize energy production, require less maintenance, have a longer design-life, and improve your ROI. An intelligent design will take advantage of positive conditions at your site, minimizing its potential disadvantages.

The components implemented in the system must be of the highest quality. This includes the wire gauge, the spacing of the array rows, the tilt, and dozens of other important factors needed to ensure proper solar energy system design. To maximize operational efficiency the electrical infrastructure needs to be sound, and physical site conditions such as shading, orientation (angle at which panels face the sun), must be taken into consideration. In the same way, anticipated energy consumption versus the space available for the system will also impact design.


Rhode Island Solar Solutions partners with the the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union (IBEW), the local 99, based out of Providence, Rhode Island. This union holds their contractors and local workforce to the highest standards of technical education and work standards, including a code of excellence in professionalism. At Rhode Island Solar Solutions we have a proven record of installing our solar energy systems on time. With the local 99 you can rest assured that the delivery and installation will be a great experience.

Management and Monitoring

Our systems have 24/7 internet-based monitoring systems in place that identify when the systems are not performing up to standards in real time. Rhode Island Solar Solutions offers warranty management over the course of the system’s life.


Rhode Island Solar Solutions offers free maintenance for the first ten years. Every system we install is maintained and kept operating at peak efficiency. After the ten year mark, we continue our high maintenance standards, designing custom maintenance plans that fit our client’s needs.