Repair and Maintenance

Solar Repair Services for Rhode Island Homeowners and Businesses

If your solar panel system is need of repair or maintenance, we can help. We offer affordable repair services to get your system running smoothly again.

Our team of solar technicians will identify the problem and fix the issue. Faulty panels, unresponsive inverters, bad wiring, troubleshooting — we do it all, so your panel system continues to run at peak performance throughout its lifetime.

Do you need immediate assistance? Give us a call at 401-366-4100 or fill out the contact form below.

Solar Panels Done Right By Local Professionals

As a top-rated, full-service solar installer in Rhode Island, we've seen it all. Our maintenance technicians will keep your solar Pv system running efficiently, so you can count on consistent, long-term energy production and savings. By choosing us, you'll ensure that your repairs are done correctly the first time. 

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Solar panel replacement and repairs

Inverter replacement and troubleshooting

System relocation and reinstallation

Snow removal & snow guards

Panel wash

Pest deterrent

Performance analysis

Visual inspections

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** If you're a Rhode Island Solar Solutions customer, please check with us to see which services are covered under our 10-year Workmanship Guarantee. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Repairs and Maintenance

How much do solar repairs and maintenance services cost?

We keep our solar repair and maintenance services at an affordable price. After all, we want your system to keep producing savings for you, not to become another liability. Our goal is to keep your equipment performing well, producing energy, and saving you money. Pricing varies depending on services needed — please contact us at 401-366-4100 or give a short description in the contact form above.

I had my solar panels installed by another company, can you help me with repairs or maintenance?

Yes! If your solar installer went out of business or no longer services the local area, we can help. We can help get your system back up and running or maintain them for you.

Do you serve customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

Yes! We provide full-service installations, repairs, and maintenance services to Massachusetts residents and businesses through our sister company, Bay State Solar Solutions. You can find out more by visiting the Bay State website or by filling out the form above.