Solar Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Non-Profit Properties

Providing solar energy systems to these types of properties can often involve a financial situation with no down payment and a positive cash flow. This is because there are various funding tools available from local, state, and federal sources that allow for these affordable opportunities. The risk is low in solar energy systems and the return on the investment is high. In most cases customers can obtain risk-adjusted ROIs, which is an ideal investment option. We know the value of balancing capital and resources when running a business, and pride ourselves in providing local Rhode Island commercial and residential communities excellent service, which is why we take the time to understand your goals in order to create customized financing structures catered to your needs. We like to say, “get it right, get it local!”

This structure, much like the Capital Lease below, provides all energy savings, tax credits, accelerated depreciation, environmental attributes (e.g., RECs), and other incentives with your solar energy system.

Receive all energy savings, tax credits, accelerated depreciation, environmental attributes, and other incentives instantly with your solar energy system while minimizing or even eliminating your capital outlay.

Receive a price-match reduction in your federal tax liability in the amount of 30% of the project gross cost. This option is available as a one-year lump sum, or can be used in increments over a length of time up to twenty years. Accelerated depreciation grants you a five year depreciation schedule for 85% of the gross solar energy system cost.

Up to 100% financing is available for 5-10 year terms.

This is an off-balance-sheet item. It is fully expensed.

This option is perfect for companies with a strong balance sheet and cash flow, but not as interested in the large tax credit and depreciation.

Customers are able to monetize the depreciation and the ITC, which lowers the total cost of your solar energy system. You will receive all energy savings and environmental attributes with this structure.

A PPA is a contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar energy system at a predetermined rate for a certain period of time. Contracts are usually for 15-20 years. The cost of your solar energy is predictable, and will almost always be less than what you are paying right now.

With all of our financing options, we are fully responsible for the purchase, ongoing ownership, and maintenance of your solar energy system.