News Update: Get Your Solar From A Greenleaf Certified Vendor

Rhode Island Solar Solutions News

We’re excited to announce that Rhode Island Solar Solutions and Bay State Solar Solutions have recently been chosen as “Certified Vendors” by Greenleaf Energy Advisors (GEA). Greenleaf is an independent consulting firm helping institutions, businesses and local residents reduce energy costs by promoting the use and adoption of renewable solutions.

As a certified vendor, we serve residents who connect with us through Greenleaf’s Community Programs — a grassroots renewable energy outreach initiative in RI and MA. Greenleaf partners with local merchants and community organizations to network with homeowners and offer services:

  • Energy conservation education and action steps
  • Home energy audits
  • Organizing “group buying” initiatives
  • Connecting homeowners with certified vendors

Their goal is to make it easier for consumers to take action and work with reliable, local and  trusted companies.

Why RI and MA residents choose to work with Greenleaf’s Certified Vendors

Greenleaf Community Programs is dedicated promoting energy conservation and solar power at the grassroots level. They, like us, help homeowners save money. When their members are interested solar, Greenleaf makes sure to refer them to trusted solar contractors.

“Greenleaf certification provides customers with an assurance of value and quality,” says Scott Brown, Managing Partner of GEA. “Our purpose to help homeowners conserve energy, make informed decisions, and partner them with vendors who will deliver workmanship of the highest quality.”

Certified vendors go through an extensive vetting process. Greenleaf considers numerous factors within a chosen company’s business practices, reputation and technical workmanship. They help homeowners secure installations by local contractors with a proven record of excellence. A short list of what factors Greenleaf takes into account for vendor certification and partnerships:

  • Negotiated Pricing
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Equipment Guarantees
  • Workmanship Guarantees
  • Customer Service Record
  • Conflict Resolution Record
  • Customer Reviews
  • Technical Qualifications
  • Licensing and Insurance
  • Local Presence

“[Rhode Island Solar Solutions] and [Bay State Solar Solutions] are the standard for quality solar installations in RI and MA. Many solar contractors from outside these states hire them to install projects rather doing it themselves. They have a very efficient process,” says Scott Brown.

To find out more about Greenleaf Community Programs or information about their next merchant-sponsored event,  visiting their website